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Your Radius in Internet
You can transmit “ YOUR RADIUS ”, through Internet, music, interviews, programs and all the audio one that are happened to you. the only thing that you are going to need to arrive at your listeners, is a COMPUTER with connection to Internet.

Prices available:
GS. 100.000 - MONTHLY
GS. 1.000.000 - ANNUAL

Typical of the Plan:

  1. Limitless Simultaneous listeners.
  2. Quality: 128Kbps (Mp3 or AAC+).
  3. AutoDJ: 4 GB.
  4. Transmission to movable devices with players HTML5
  5. Control Panel Centova.
  6. Limitless Monthly transference

Gratuitous application in PlayStore when contracting ANNUAL Plan

  1. The application will free be provided when contracting the ANNUAL Plan
  2. Customized application with the name of its radius or company.
  3. Logo of its company or radio.
  4. It allows to continue listening to his radius although the mobile is blocked.
  5. Unloading from the OFFICIAL store of applications playstore.
  6. Modern design.
  7. It is possible to be added facebook or to be twitter.
  8. To show you complete the news of the webpage.
  9. Application without publicity.

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